What is Organizational Effectiveness?

Organizational Effectiveness tells you how efficient the organization is at meeting its goals. Most leaders spend a great deal of time and effort monitoring different outcomes and progress towards strategic goals, but can find it difficult to pinpoint areas in most need of development when goals are not being met or business is not performaning as anticipated. The Organizational Effectiveness Assessment examines the entire organization to provide a complete picture of the organization’s functioning. Taking an average of 20 minutes to complete, organizational leaders can complete this online, self-report assessment and receive a report indicating not just the effectiveness of the business, but also what areas of business are causing the organization to not reach goals as expected.

Leaders may choose between Basic Results and Extended Results.

Basic Results

Leaders receive the overall Effectiveness Score, which provides an overall indication of how well the business is meeting targeted goals. Leaders also receive the four Operations Scores, providing information about what areas are in more need of attention than others.

Extended Results

Leaders receive the overall Effectiveness Score, the four Operations Scores, and the 16 Area scores. The report also provides leaders with recommendations as to the specific area that needs the most attention as well as specific actions that can be taken immediately to increase effectiveness.

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Four Operations of Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness is all about determining how to ensure your business reaches its goals, but it is not just about the end result. Most often, when businesses are not operating as leaders project, it is difficult and time consuming to determine exactly what areas of business are functioning well and which ones are in need of the most work. The Organizational Effectiveness Assessment assesses the 16 key Areas of business, making it easy for leaders to identify, not just where to start, but how each interacts with the other.

The four Operations of Organizational Effectivenss provide an overview of the most important aspects of business. Leadership is a set of behaviors that influences the behaviors of those in the organization. Leadership is the most important aspect of organizational effectiveness, as without effective leadership, employee performance suffers. Organizational Processes examine how the different systems, processes, and departments within the organization work with one another. When organizational processes are working effectively, business runs smoothly and employees have the resources they need to perform their jobs. Quality Control ensures that the organization’s products and services are of the highest quality possible; however, it does not end there. Quality Control also ensures that those within the organization behave ethically and all are focused on the end result – the customers. Employee Experience provides a picture of what it is like for employees to work within the organization. Employees who are highly valued and have positive experiences are more likely to remain with the company and be high performers, not only decreasing costs, but providing higher quality products and services.

In just about 20 minutes, leaders can obtain information regarding how well their organization is performing in each of these Operations. Basic results provide you with an overview of the Effectiveness Score and Operations Scores. Extended results provide you with the Area Scores and specific recommendations so leaders know exactly where to start to improve effectiveness of their business and reach their goals.

The three most common reasons organizations fail are imbalances between the different areas of business, not knowing why the organization is not meeting goals, and ineffective leaders. The Organizational Effectiveness Assessment provides busy leaders with insight into their organization’s overall functioning as well as how each area of business is operating. Leaders quickly learn where to focus efforts so they can immediately begin improving their organization’s effectiveness.

Leaders are provided with a full report that includes charts and graphs, interpretations of results, and specific recommendations.

Those who purchase the Extended Results learn exactly what areas and behaviors can be targeted to make the greatest impact in moving their business towards reaching goals efficiently.

Leaders who purchase the Extended Results are also offered a 30-minute consultation to review their results and pinpoint strategies they can immediately execute.


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