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Leadership is a set of behaviors that one uses to increase the performance of their followers. The highest performing organizations have leaders who have mastered these skills and use them to create the highest level of performance in their employees.

Unfortunately, many are promoted into leadership positions without receiving specific training and practice in leadership behaviors, leaving them to struggle and learn from trial and error.

As behavior analysts and organizational leaders, we know what it takes to create and sustain effective leadership. We use our own science to identify the behaviors, language, and environmental contingencies that create the most optimal settings for excellent performance.

Behavior Leader uses the Leadership In Behavior Analysis framework to work with leaders combining our specific expertise in how to change behavior with our organizational expertise in knowing what makes successful businesses thrive.

We work with behavior analysis leaders at all levels providing a range of services including consultation, executive coaching, training, and behavior systems analysis. Read more about our services for Behavior Analysis Leaders below.


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Leadership is a set of behaviors anyone can learn and master. Behavior analysts understand how to influence and change behavior; however, are rarely provided specific training in the set of behaviors necessary to influence performance of staff. Leadership In Behavior Analysis divides leadership into four main areas:

  1. Identify Where to Lead
  2. Prepare to Lead
  3. Begin to Lead
  4. Maintain your Lead

Leadership in Behavior Analysis (LIBA) begins providing the conceptual framework of leadership, exploring both the topographical and functional definitions of this response class of behaviors. The authors review the current research and behavior analytic technologies and provide an interpretive analysis of research within the field.

After this, the authors focus on identifying where to lead, which focuses on the importance of developing a clear vision and mission as well as organizational values. The definitions of and specific steps to take to develop the vision, mission, and values that are in accordance with the fundamental concepts of behavior analysis and more specifically our Code of Ethics.

The authors then move to exploring how to prepare to lead by ensuring the leader has mastered the skills of providing feedback, coaching, and self-management. This section is filled with how-to guides covering each of the behaviors explored in this section to ensure the BAL has opportunity to practice and master each skill.

It is now that the behavior analysis leader begins to lead, focusing on antecedent and consequence-based interventions that BALs can employ to nudge the behavior of followers towards the behavior analytic vision. The main antecedent-based intervention that is examined in this section is training and its role on follower development in a variety of different areas including, but not limited to ethics. The consequence-based intervention centers around developing and maintaining an ethical culture within an organization.

The final section of the book examines how to maintain and refine leadership skills. This series of chapters covers strategies that help BALs bring about discretionary effort in their followers and maintain it over time. The goal with this section is to conduct a review of existing research on performance management and performance diagnostics. Examples from the field of behavior analysis are provided in hopes BALs are provided a basic guide on ow to lead over a long period of time.

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Behavior Leader works with organizations that want to train a group of leaders at the same time. The LIBA workshop is a 3-day workshop that covers the four phases of leadership: Where to Lead, Prepare to Lead, Begin to Lead, and Maintain Leadership. Workshops are organized per company request. They are also presented at various ABA conferences including ABAI and CalABA.

While training, workshops, and webinars are excellent antecedent events, we know that the best way to ensure new information is implemented is through the consequences. LIBA coaching provides leaders with individual support and accountability as they develop their leadership skills. Our LIBA coaches develop an individualized plan for Behavior Analysis Leaders (BAL) that identifies their strengths and provides them the training, support, and accountability as they grow in their areas of opportunity. LIBA coaching can take place virtually through phone calls and video conferencing, or in person, depending on the location of the BAL.


For those looking to increase their leadership skills, but want more than working through the book independently. LIBA Academy focuses on the different phases of leadership and provides participants with more in-depth explanations and exercises that can be practiced for additional growth and mastery.

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Organizational effectiveness is a measure of the rate and efficiency of goal accomplishment. High performing organizations are those meeting goals at or before strategic deadlines while using the fewest resources necessary to provide high quality products and services.

Behavior Leader's experience in leading and owning successful ABA companies provides us not only the research and knowledge, but also the personal experience in what it takes to make a behavior analytic organization highly successful.

Behavior Leader consultants work with Behavior Analysis Leaders by conducting Organizational Effectiveness Assessments and Behavior Systems Analysis to determine the current areas of strength and opportunities for growth. They then develop an individualized plan so that the organization can operate effectively.

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Organizational Effectiveness is the measure of the rate and efficiency of an organization as it reaches its strategic goals. The Organizational Effectiveness Assessment (OEA) evaluates 16 key areas of business to provide Behavior Analysis Leaders with both an overall and detailed picture of how their business is performing.

Organizational Effectiveness consists of four business operations: Leadership, Organizational Processes, Quality Control, and Employee Experience. Understanding both how the organization is performing in each of these operations as well as how each interacts with the other is key to ensuring long-term success of the organization.

The OEA is an on-line self-report assessment Behavior Analysis Leaders (BAL) can take to determine the strengths and areas of opportunity for their organization. Results provide BALs with three sets of scores: Organizational Effectiveness, Operation, and Area Scores. The Organizational Effectiveness Score provides BALs with an overall picture of how well their business is accomplishing strategic goals. The Operations Scores provide BALs with insight into the four operations of business, directing them where to begin their efforts. The Area Scores, provided in the Extended Results, provides BALs with insight into each area of business as well as the specific behaviors and outcomes that are on target versus in need of improvement.

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Behavior Systems Analysis (BSA), also termed Performance Systems Analysis, is a process of evaluating the interrelated elements that make up an organization. It provides an analysis of the entire business, looking at strategy, systems and processes, communication, and the individual behaviors of those within the organization. Results of a BSA provide clarity for decision-making by providing a complete picture of organizational functioning. Using the science of behavior, the BSA also examines the contingencies within the system, identifying how changes within one area will effect other variables.

BSAs typically take several weeks to complete and are comprised of indirect assessments, interviews with key stakeholders in the organization, and direct observations of those working within the company.

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Organizational effectiveness is not just dependent upon the individuals within the system, but also how the individuals are functioning within teams. Team effectiveness is what drives organizations forward. However, working with teams is just as diverse as working with individuals. Each team has a different set of behaviors and contingencies and examining their effectiveness requires an individualistic approach.

Behavior Leader uses the science of behavior to evaluate team effectiveness and work within teams to identify the strategies that will increase alignment, performance, and overall achievement of the team, taking the organizational to higher levels.

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Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization, or EBIDTA, is an accounting measure calculated whenever one is considering purchasing or investing in a company. It provides potential investors a good idea of how the business is functioning financially and how much cash the company has prior to paying debts. EBIDTA is also used to analyze and compare profitability among different companies by eliminating the effects of different accounting and financial decisions.

There are many things investors or potential buyers consider when valuing a business, and EBIDTA is just one of those things. Understanding how to calculate and what factors effect an organization's EBIDTA is critical to preparing for potential investment or selling opportunities, but not the only thing that must be considered. At Behavior Leader, we have not only led successful businesses, but we have also worked within and owned companies that have completed this process.

We work with successful ABA business owners and leaders to ensure their company is attractive and highly valued by potential investors and buyers. We know that most investors are looking for the right balance between EBITDA, quality, and profits so they feel they are investing in a lucrative business that has opportunity for growth and improvement.

Behavior Leader performs a full analysis considering authorizations, billing practices, quality control, ethical behavior, client satisfaction, and systems within the organization. Results of this analysis include recommendations that will improve the organization's overall value and attractiveness to potential buyers and investors.

Considering selling your business or gaining investment is a big decision. Many leaders have explored the opportunity, but are unsure where to begin or what factors are considered most by potential buyers and investors. At Behavior Leader, we know that EBIDTA, quality, and profits are all important considerations.

Quality includes several factors from the quality of services provided to authorization fulfillment and employee satisfaction. Potential investors and purchasers are looking for organizations that provide high quality services and have employees that are overall satisfied working with the organization.

Behavior Leader works with leaders and owners of ABA companies by providing an analysis of the business and consultation regarding what actions can be taken to prepare the business for sale. The goal is to ensure the business is valued as highly as possible, while making sure potential investors and purchasers still see the need for improvement. We understand this complex balance and work with leaders to accomplish it.

Behavior Leader has over 40 years of combined experience providing services to individuals with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, and those with feeding issues, severe problem behavior, and toileting concerns. We have worked in a variety of treatment settings including homes, clinics, and schools. We know what it takes to ensure quality services are provided throughout multiple settings, locations, and across individuals.

We provide companies providing clinical care to individuals consultation services focused on developing systems that ensure quality services at all times and when a little additional assistance is needed for those complex cases.

Providing high quality services is a priority for all ABA companies. As previous chief clinical officers, clinical directors, and owners, we understand the complexities of overseeing a diverse range of services and staff implementing those services. Behavior Leader works with companies to evaluate their current implementation and monitoring practices and provides specific recommendations that will ensure the highest quality services are provided throughout the entire organization.

Quality Assurance services are not just about the actual delivery of the services; they are about the entire clinical process from the way new staff are trained to how procedures and treatment are documented to how accurately data are collected. Behavior Leader examines all aspects of quality to provide companies with individualized recommendations that will help ensure high quality services are provided ethically at all times.

Our leaders have not just worked within autism service companies, we have also owned them. From billing to clinical services all the way to staff retention, Behavior Leader provides organizations working with individuals with autism the support and knowledge necessary to thrive in today's market.

Behavior Leader is different from other Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) companies in that we don't just apply the science of behavior to organizations, but we truly understand the complexities of autism service organizations. Our personal experience and problem solving sets us apart from the rest and provides the insight necessary to take businesses to the next level.

Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) is the application of behavior analysis to organizations. Some behavior analysts are interested in providing OBM services either internally within their organizations or as an outside consultant. For those behavior analysts who have the fundamentals of OBM and looking to start consulting with organizations, leaders, or within their own organization will learn what's needed to get started.

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This course is for those looking to build upon their existing knowledge of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) to ultimately launch their own lucrative business or provide internal OBM consultation as part of their current employment. OBM Entrepreneur covers everything a new consultant needs to know from how to start a practice and price your services and products to how to secure clients. It takes participants beyond their existing knowledge of OBM principles and practices and is one of the first of its kind to cater exclusively to those looking to begin implementing OBM services.

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