Leadership In Behavior Analysis Academy

The Independent Variable to Our Field

Leadership is a set of behaviors anyone can learn and master. Behavior analysts understand how to influence and change behavior; however, are rarely provided specific training in the set of behaviors necessary to influence performance of staff.

Leadership In Behavior Analysis (LIBA) Academy is a 10-week online learning platform dedicated to providing Behavior Analysis Leaders (BALs) with the tools, strategies, and practice necessary to master leadership.

The course follows the framework of the LIBA book by providng a conceptual analysis of leadership followed by the specific skills necesary for all aspects of leadership including:

Identifying Where to Lead
Preparing to Lead
Beginning to Lead
Maintaining Leadership

Leaders will participate in a 1-hour live online meeting that focuses on providing the didactic information, discussion, and activities for BALs to practice their leadership skills. Leaders will also be provided activities that will help generalize their learning into their daily activities.

LIBA Academy will begin on Tuesday, February 4 at 10am CST and will run for 10 1-hour online sessions.

WORRIED ABOUT MISSING A WEEK? We encourge everyone to attend the live courses when possible, but know that things come up sometimes. We will tape each meeting and make them available through 2 weeks after the final meeting.
INTERESTED IN CEUs? Chose the “Course + CEU” option below and you will be provided an “end of course” project. Upon completion, you will earn 10 Type 2 CEUs (2 ethics, 8 supervision). Projects will be assigned on April 8 and must be completed by April 30, 2020. CEUs are awarded for completion of the project.

We are offering the first section of this course for a discounted rate of only $99 ($149 with CEUs). Rates will increase after this first course.

Don’t miss this one-time opportunity! Reserve your spot now, as they are filling fast!

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