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Leaders working within the public service sector are faced with unique challenges. They are not only faced with maximizing the performance of their staff, but they must do so in an environment that is characterized by crisis situations. The best leaders understand the issues their staff face daily and create environments that foster growth and sustain high performance.

There are times that even the most effective leaders struggle. They are faced with the many challenges of today’s fast pace and constant changes. It is easy to get caught in the day-to-day tasks of putting out fires and lose sight of what is necessary to create and sustain high performance across the entire workforce.

Behavior Leader is unlike any other company. We understand that leadership is a set of behaviors that, when mastered, anyone can display to accelerate performance. Our unique blend of behavior analysts and first responders provides us the perfect combination of the scientific and personal understanding of what it takes to change behavior as well as the unique situations leaders in these fields face.

We have over 50+ years of experience in working as first responders and in identifying how to maximize performance of leaders and staff.

We specialize in serving Fire Departments, Police Departments, and Military Bases by providing the following services:

Leadership Development

Individual Development

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The most important thing an organization can do to ensure its success in every situation is to provide ongoing support and training to its leaders. Leaders set the tone for the culture, implement the strategy to reach goals, provide support and training to staff, and ensure all are moving in the right direction. Leaders are what make organizations successful.

Behavior Leader understands the importance roles of the command staff and uses the science of behavior, supported by research and our personal experiences to accelerate performance in all levels of command. We work with clients to determine what critical outcomes are most important for success and link them to the leadership behaviors necessary to achieve them. From ensuring the safety of the team to working with members of the community, leaders need a variety of skills to take their organization to the next level.

Command Staff Development focuses on providing the entire team with the necessary skills to function as a team and take their organization to the next level. We focus on effective teamwork, communication, performance management, strategic planning, systems and processes, and safety. Behavior Leader begins by first evaluating the team and the strategic goals of the organization and then develops a customized plan based on science that will develop the leadership skills and behaviors necessary to achieve targeted outcomes.

The actions of a leader are what sets the tone for the organization's culture and performance. Leaders are responsible for not just ensuring their staff perform as expected, but also for understanding the operations of the entire organization. Behavior Leader provides the support and accountability to command staff as they work to develop their individual leadership behaviors.

Behavior Leader uses the science of behavior to help command staff identify the results they want to obtain and align them with the behaviors necessary to reach them. Services are provided virtually by phone or video chat or in person, depending on location.

Depending on those who are a part of your team is not just important to accomplish goals, it is necessary for everyone to arrive home safely. Team functioning can make the difference between a successful call or mission and one that ends in tragedy. Team cohesion is rooted in trust and communication and understanding what role each team members fills.

Behavior Leader works with first responder and military teams to build trust, establish effective communication, and determine each individual's strengths so that both the individuals within the team and the team itself work productively, safely, and efficiently. Rooted in the science of behavior, we focus on the exact behaviors that can improve each of these skills and what is necessary to maintain them even in the most difficult situations.

Organizations that are high in diversity achieve better than those without it. The key to successful diversity is to create an inclusive environment where everyone is highly valued.

Companies have spent millions of dollars on diversity initiatives and most of them have largely failed. The reason for this is that they miss what is most important - the environment and the behaviors of those within the workforce. Inclusion focuses on not just the different people within the work environment, but what those people do and when they do it.

At Behavior Leader, we understand that it is the combination of an environment that promotes teams and the behaviors individuals exhibit that make businesses more or less welcoming. We work with first responders to assess the diversity and inclusion of their workforce and the work environment and provide an individualized plan that will promote inclusion for all, creating a welcoming environment where any individual can thrive.

Leaders consistently face the challenge of ensuring their staff are performing as efficiently as possible at all times. This is an often difficult task in the ever-changing environment.

Behavior Leader works with leaders to uncover current performance problems and the scientific, proven strategies to increase performance. Our unique blend of expertise in behavior change and performance improvement along with our personal experience in the field sets us apart from other companies and experts in performance improvement.

Safety is one of the most important aspects of any first responder or military professional. It is essential that everyone follow the safety standards at all times to ensure that the work is done and everyone returns home safely at the end of each day. Leaders understand the importance of safety and are tasked with the difficult work of ensuring all team members follow the safety standards and procedures while not being able to directly oversee them at all times. There are times that leaders struggle to ensure all staff follow the organization's safety standards. They cannot be everywhere all the time to monitor practices, finding that sometimes, employees will take short cuts or become careless, leading to unsafe behavior that could have devastating outcomes.

At Behavior Leader, we know that the key to ensuring safety is by examining the behavior of those doing the work. We work with command staff to identify key safety behaviors and the procedures, policies, training, and ongoing oversight necessary to ensure all are exhibited at all times. We develop customized plans, based on science, that focus on the individual department, district, or battalion, or squadron focused on the most critical components of safety.