Two things differentiate the OBM Entrepreneur from everyone else. First, a deep knowledge and experience in a scientific method to improving performance in the workplace, that’s the OBM side. Second, a passion to creatively and innovatively bring OBM to the world while maintaining integrity in the science, that’s the entrepreneurial side.

On June 11-13, My colleagues and I hosted a great group of individuals working to become the next OBM Entrepreneurs. Many of the participants are already business owners, senior managers, or independent consultants working with organizations around the world. After three full days of working together, the participants provided us with positive feedback on the topics, the method of delivery, and the practicality of what they learned which they will now apply to their new and ongoing ventures in OBM.


Being an OBM entrepreneur is not for the faint at heart, or those who require hand holding by a boss or even mentor, and those individuals who “hope” things happen may not cut it as OBM Entrepreneurs. OBM Entrepreneurs make things happen, are resourceful, and seek feedback throughout their career to hone skills and work towards achieving success through science and passion. OBM Entrepreneurs are also very resilient when things don’t work out, failures upon failures fuel versus extinguish these professionals.




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We are on our way to growing the field of OBM practitioners, that’s our goal, our mission, and as for our vision, well it’s ambitious to say the least, but we would like to help 100,000 practitioners become OBM Entrepreneurs. We believe this can be achieved in time, and we can’t wait to help the next set of entrepreneurs.




We hope to see you at the next workshops: August 21232019 in Miami, Fl. andSeptember 30 – October 2 in Orange County California. visit to learn more https://www.behaviorleader.com/obm-entrepreneur/  In 2019 and 2020, the OBM Entrepreneur Workshop will be coming to Los Angeles and San Diego California, London, England, and Washington DC…stay tuned or emailinfo@www.behaviorleader.com