We serve businesses that serve others

We provide a variety of different services in order to help improve leadership and organizational performance.

Do you have a specific area of focus or project to complete? Our consulting service is designed for projects of limited time and specific deliverables.  Our Behavior Leaders may work with one member of your organizaiton or several during a consultation.  Consultation services are usually problems focused and are setup to address a specific issue brought forth by the sponsor at the client’s organization.

During the consultation time period, the Behavior Leader will typically collect and analyze data before making suggestions or improvements.  Most importantly the consultant is responsible for making positive change, not the client for this service.

Our coaching service involves one of our BehaviorLeaders working 1:1 with representatives from our client’s company (may be 1 individual or several).  During the provision of this service, our BehaviorLeaders provide support to the individual they are coaching vs. solving problems for them.

Our BehaviorLeaders build on the strengths of the individual they are working with vs shaping new skills.  During the tenure of the coaching relationship which may be short term or long term, the coach promotes self-discovery and facilitates the evolution of the repertoire of the individual receiving the coaching.

To help achieve our vision of a Behavior Leader at every organization, we provide competency-based training to our clients on many different leadership, business, diversity & inclusion, and behavioral science topics.  Our training can be provided in person, via webinar or even self-paced instruction through the use of our learning management software system.

Some of our trainings come in the form of certification courses or workshops where the user can become re-certified every year to ensure that they stay practiced at that skill.  Our trainings are all developed and conducted by senior Behavior Leaders.

Leadership Coaching

Our Behavior Leaders work with you on speicifc skills necessary to lead successful businesses. We work with leaders 1:1 to identify current skills and areas of growth and provide the training and accountability needed to strengthen individual skills.

Leadership Training
Leadership is a set of behaviors that influences followers to work towards a shared vision. Behavior Leader provides a variety of leadership trainings including workshops and webinars.
Performance Development
Employee performance is one of the most imoprtant aspects of business functioning, but can often be difficult to assess and maintain. Behavior Leader not only provide assessment for employee performance, but works with organizational leaders to develop performance management and diagnostic systems to ensure high levels of performance from all staff.
Succession Planning
Is your business prepared in the event you are out for an extended period of time? Proper succession planning does not just mean being prepared for retirement. It means that your organization is ready for any sudden change in leadership that might occur. If you’re not yet prepared for this, let Behavior Leader help you!
New Business Coaching
Starting a new business is difficult and can often be isolating. Behavior Leader provides new business owners with the strategies and accountability necessary to build a successful business.
Autism Services Business Consultation
Our Behavior Leaders have not only worked providing autism services, but have also owned autism service companies. From billing to clinical services all the way to staff retention, Behavior Leader provides organizations working with individuals with autism the support and knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s market.
Vision, Mission, and Values Consultation
The most effective organizations are those that have employees all moving in the same direction. The best way to align staff is by communicating a clear vision, mission, and values. If your staff cannot recite your vision, or you are still working to develop one yourself, let Behavior Leader help!
Organizational Development
At Behaivor Leader we bring the science of behavior into your organization to maximize performance in all areas. Organizational consultation uses Organizational Behavior Managment to identify the areas to target and the most effective ways to advance your business.
Team Development
When teams don’t work well together, the organization suffers. Behavior Leader helps teams increase their efficiency by focusing on communication, accountability, and project management.
Behavior Systems Analysis
The best way to identify the areas most in need of support is through assessment. The Behavior Systems Analysis evaluates the business as a whole from organizational level strategic planning, to processes and procedures, to how each individual in the organization helps to meet goals. 
Safety Evaluation & Training
At Behavior Leader, we know the safety of employees is a top priority! Behavior safety services help identify the processes, systems and individual behaviors that increase the safety of everyone in the organization. Our Behavior Leaders work with you do assess the current safety practices within your organization and develop and implement strategies to ensure your employees return home without problem each and every day.
Sales Training
Behavior sales training focuses on the behaviors necessary to identify leads and move them into sales. Behavior Leader works with sales teams to identify the key behaviors necessary to incrase sales and create processes that can be replicated by the entire team. Need help training new sales representatives? We do that too!
Diversity & Inclusion Training
Businesses that celebrate diversity and create inclusive climates have been shown to do better than those that don’t. At Behavior Leader, we provide climate assessments and different training opportunities to address diversity, inclusion, bias, and acceptance.
Ethical Committee Development
We believe that every organization should operate ethically. However, we recognize that it can be often difficult to identify ethical concerns and create climates that promote open and honest discussions about ethical issues. Behavior Leader provides consultation in regards to how to develop and ethical culture within your organization.
Employee Hiring & Retention
Finding and keeping the right staff is essential for any thriving business. At Behavior Leader we work with businesses to identify the right behaviors one must exhibit to thrive within your organizations. From job descriptions and position contracts to increasing employee engagement and happiness, we can help you create a climate that finds and keeps staff who propel your business forward.