We are all Behavior Leaders

Our entire team has been trained in the science of behavior

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Passion Driven

We believe everyone should do what they are passionate about. Passion drives us forward and makes our work more reinforcing. At Behavior Leader, we are passionate about helping businesses focused on people so that more people are served and lives are improved each day.

Our Values

At Behavior Leader, we take our values seriously. Our values direct our actions and behaviors as we carry out the mission and vision of our company.

We serve businesses who serve others using behavior-based solutions


We believe that organizations are stronger when they have diversity – diverse people, diverse ideas, diverse products, and diverse roles. However, we know that diversity cannot flourish without inclusion. At Behavior Leader, we not only provide an inclusive environment by inviting every one and every idea to the table, but also ensure we have a wide range of people, services, and products to meet each and every individual’s and business’ needs.


Our focus is to provide our clients with the knowledge and skills to drive their businesses to reach their respective visions. At Behavior Leader, it is our goal to empower each and every individual we serve so that they can carry our their legacies independently.


At the heart of every organization are the people who work within that organization. It is the way these people behave that make the difference. At Behavior Leader, we believe that the key to the health of every organization is to focus on what people do and the environments they do it in.

Data Focused

While people are the heart of every organization, results and outcomes are the products of those individual’s efforts. At Behavior Leader, we believe that the best way to monitor progress and accomplishments is through the collection and analysis of objective data.

Our Story

We started out as a small group of behavior analysts that wanted to use our powers of behavior modification to improve behavior in the workplace so that organizations could be more successful and their employees would ultimately be happier.  So we got together and created a behavior organization dedicated to improving leadership and performance utilizing the behavior analytic skills we have mastered over years of practice in the community.

We each brought experience from different industries from food service to retail, education and cellular.  Our team all got their start in health and human service and bring a wealth of information from that particular industry.

  • Assessment 80% 80%
  • Consultation 60% 60%
  • Coaching 75% 75%
  • Training 90% 90%

Meet The Team

Natalie Parks, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Natalie Parks, Ph.D., BCBA-D

CEO & Founder

Natalie Parks, Ph.D., BCBA-D has over 20 years of experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. She earned both her master’s and doctorate degrees from the University of Missouri. Dr. Parks has worked in a variety of settings both in the clinical and organizational settings. Historically she worked with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities in homes, schools, day treatment, and inpatient settings focused on skill acquisition and verbal behavior, the reduction of severe problem behavior, feeding disorders, and toileting. As Dr. Parks moved into chief officer positions, she learned that the best way to ensure a business is providing the best services and products to their consumers is to focus on the leaders and operations of the business. As an Organizational Behavior Management expert, she knows that the success of the business is dependent upon those in the business engaging in the right behaviors at the right time. To ensure this Dr. Parks focuses on leadership development, business systems analysis, performance management, and ethical practices. She does this by providing coaching, consultation and training to executives and leaders.

Dr. Parks is in the business of helping businesses who help others. She uses the science of behavior along with her passion to improve the world to create businesses where people are excited and perform efficiently.

Manuel "Manny" Rodriguez, M.S., BCBA

Manuel "Manny" Rodriguez, M.S., BCBA

Senior Behavior Leader

Manuel “Manny” Rodriguez, throughout his career, has sought new challenges and opportunities that allow him to grow professionally. His expectations of himself are higher, though, when he seeks to lead organizations to be world class. Over the course of his life, he has worked to achieve excellence both academically and professionally. He currently is CEO of Bueno Ventures Management Services, a venture capital and management services firm working with small to mid-size businesses to grow and scale using behavioral science techniques to make positive differences in the world.

Accomplishments across his career include launching management consultancies earning more than a half-million dollars within the first year, strategy execution of change management efforts for Fortune 500 companies and national and international speaking engagements on subjects such as organizational behavior management (OBM), entrepreneurship and consulting. He has also co-authored the four-volume book, “OBM Applied! A Practical Guide to Implementing Organizational Behavior Management” and another book “Quick Wins! Accelerating School Transformation through Science, Engagement, and Leadership.”

Manny has had the great honor of serving as President and Executive Director of the OBM Network, a 400+ professional member organization. In addition, Manny has helped launched successful startups, and recently began leading the OBM Alliance, an organization dedicated to the growth of OBM practitioners.  Manny received a master’s degree in applied behavior analysis at the Florida Institute of Technology, and a dual bachelor’s degree in criminology and psychology from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. He is currently working on a Doctorate of Business Administration from the University of South Florida’s MUMA College of Business, expected to graduate December 2020.

Mason A. Washington, M.A.

Mason A. Washington, M.A.

Behavior Leader

Mason A. Washington, M.A. combines years of experience in the public safety industry and expertise in management and leadership to create, develop and implement strategies that improve overall organizational performance. His unique blend of knowledge about team dynamics, culture, and leadership roles blended with his overall enthusiasm for people make him one of our most engaging Behavior Leaders. Mason specializes in executive coaching, change management initiatives, leadership training and recruitment and retention strategies. His focus also includes utilizing behavioral science to build more diverse, equitable and inclusive teams within organizations.

In addition to Behavior Leader, Mason also serves as a Fire Captain in St. Louis County, MO.  Mason began his professional career in public safety in 1998 as an Emergency Medical Technician before becoming a Nationally Registered Paramedic in 2001. His love for helping others led to a career in the Fire Service. During his tenure, Mason has served in the ranks of Firefighter-Paramedic, Secondary Engineer, Lieutenant and Captain. He holds several certifications through the Missouri Division of Fire Safety and is a certified Incident Safety Officer. Mason’s public safety background provides a unique perspective and knowledge base as a subject matter expert in management and leadership within first responder organizations.

As a consultant, Mason is committed to serving organizations that are in the business of helping others. Developing charismatic leaders that care about people and utilize emotional intelligence is his passion. He enjoys building strong relationships with his clients in order to deliver innovative and personalized strategies that maximize employee performance.

Mason earned his M.A. from Webster University in Management & Leadership, and his B.S. from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale in Fire Service Management.  He is married and enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife and four children. He is determined to stay active in the community by serving in his church and as an assistant high school basketball coach.

 Paul Peebles, M.S.

Paul Peebles, M.S.

Behavior Leader

Paul D. Peebles, M.S. utilizes over 15 years or experience in the public safety sector, which includes his specialization in leadership and management of teams. Paul utilizes his experience and education to develop an environment of inclusion with a focus on improving relationships within the organization and its members. His enthusiasm for diversity inclusion is evident in his years of involvement on the Human Relations Committee within the St. Louis County area and his recruitment efforts that focus on inclusion versus exclusion. Paul’s focus is inclusion of all members within an organization by teaching and demonstrating behaviors to leaders, managers, and team members that are conducive to the organization excelling with all members included.


Paul currently serves as a Fire Captain with the Robertson Fire Protection District located in St. Louis County, MO.  Paul began his professional career in public safety as a Fire Cadet before ultimately becoming a firefighter and Nationally Registered Paramedic. His desire to help is evident as that’s what led him to the public sector, but it is further evident through his role of being an Instructor with the St. Louis fire Academy and the St. Louis Community College. Paul holds numerous state certifications, which includes Instructor and Officer certifications. He also holds certification from the International Public Safety Leadership and Ethics Institute.


Paul obtained his Master of Science in Fire Service Management and Homeland Security from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. His Bachelor of Science in Fire Service Management was obtained from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and his Associates in Paramedic Technology was obtained from St. Louis Community College.   Paul is dedicated to serving in the Public Sector as well as working being committed to Human Relations and Inclusion. My desire is to build lasting relationships built on inclusion within organizations. I’m married with 5 children and two grandchildren. I enjoy outdoors activities with my family as well as traveling.