Behavior Leader’s Approach to Training

Our approach targets all levels

At the center of every organization is the individual leader. That is why our approach begins with you, the individual. Whether the topic is inclusion, leadership, or organizational performance, effective leaders know they first must first master the skills that set them apart. Once individual skills are mastered, using our unique methodology, we build upon individual strengths, bringing teams together. Depending on the specific focus, team development may include maximizing teamwork, leading teams, or increasing the output of the team. Finally, we focus on the organizational level, ensuring all people, teams, policies, and processes, and systems are working together.

Our 3-step approach to organizational effectiveness ensures every individual, team, process, procedure, and system are working together, all moving in the same direction, at the same time, towards the same vision.

Behavior Leader Approach

Successful organizations are run by successful individuals

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Individual Effectiveness

Organizations are run by people. That is why the most effective organizations are run by individuals who focus the performance of themselves and every individual in the organization. Whether organizations are looking to be more inclusive, create strong leaders, or increase overall performance, it all starts with the individual.

Through assessment, consultation, training, and coaching, Behavior Leader provides leaders with the support they deserve as they master the specific skills necessary to advance their leadership, increasing their impact. We also provide leaders with the plan and resources necessary to ensure each and every team member has mastered the specific skills necessary to achieve highest outcomes in their respective positions.

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Team Efficiency

Teams can make or break an organization. Efficient teams consist of diverse individuals who work together to accomplish a common goal. But when formed incorrectly, teams can stall, fight, and undo the positive progress of any individual within the organization.

Behavior Leader provides leaders with innovative ways to assess the individual needs of the team, how to increase unity and inclusion of each individual on the team, and how to use their differences as strengths. Assessments, consultation, training, and coaching focuses specifically on team functioning and how to increase team efficiency so organizational goals are reached faster and with more innovation.

Inclusion services are focused on maximizing the strengths of each individual of the team, increasing performance and innovation of the entire team. Leadership services focus on providing leaders with the skills and strategies necessary to maximize team performance. Organizational development services provide leaders with organizational tools that maximize communication within and between teams. 

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Organizational Efficacy

Efficacious organizations are more innovative and profitable and that provide better services and products to their consumers. These organizations creatively blend leadership, inclusion, and organizational development such that everyone in the organization not only feels they belong and is working towards a shared vision, but that they are each doing it in the same way and at the same time.

The best way to achieve efficacy is to ensure all individuals within the organization are doing the right things at the right times. This requires consistent review and monitoring of systems and processes as well as the people performing them to ensure everyone has the right resources, training, and follow up to achieve maximum outcomes. Behavior Leader focuses on systems, processes, and procedures to ensure they are all working together to maximize performance and minimize inefficiencies. Leaders are provided objective data, strategies based on science, and the support necessary to take their organization to the next level.