Behavior Leader University

Offering Training courses for Business Professionals, BCBAs and OBM Practitioners

Learn new skills.
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Behavior Leader University offers e-learning courses for your personal development, your development as a professional, or for those looking to complete continuing education or professional development units.

What Trainings are Offered?

We offer in-person training, live virtual hosted training, and on-demand training courses focused on BCBA CEUs, OBM training, and behavior-based leadership and Diviersity and Inclusion training for buisness professionals.

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Inclusion Training

Diversity is the measure of differences between individuals, but inclusion is what you do with these differences. Whether you are looking to expand your personal knowledge about inclusion, diversity, bias, -isms, and the many additional topics in this space or looking for ways to ensure your organization is focused on building an inclusive culture, we have a course for you. 

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Leadership Training

Leadership drives successful businesses and effective leaders focus on bringing people together to maximize performance. The problem is that most leaders are placed into leadership positions without being provided any training on what it takes to be an effective leader. Our courses focus on leaders at all levels, whether you are preparing for your next promotion or have been leading organizations for years. 


Business Development

Organizational effectiveness is greatest when all the people within the organization are working together to accomplish the same vision. In order to achieve this, leaders must have the right balance of systems and resources that allow staff to complete the job, procedures and accountability to maintain performance, and individual performance monitoring systems that encourage consistent feedback. Our courses focus on the individual aspects of business development that are necessary for organizations to remain healthy and profitable over time. 

Professional Development Courses

We provide continuing education and professional development credits for BCBAs, SHRM professionals, and police officers in the State of Missouri.