Organizational Development

Improve organizational performance using proven, science-based solutions.

Successful leaders know that in order for organizations to reach their vision, they must have the right procedures, processes, and systems to support it. Effective organizations are different from other organizations in that their leaders consistently work on the operations of the business to ensure the work of the business is maximized. It is those organizations with leaders who make the time to do the work on the business that are most successful.

We understand that while running a successful business is hugely rewarding, it can be difficult and overwhelming at times. It is easy to get lost in the work of the business and lose focus on ensuring the operations of the business are well supported. Even the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders have times they feel ineffective, worry about whether or not they made the right choices, and wonder if they are truly capable of leading. Running a successful business requires an understanding of where to focus your efforts, identification of gaps, and what strategies will result in the highest returns. We ensure leaders have the right focus, support, and strategies to take their organizations to the next level.

At the heart of our company is the science of behavior. Focused on what people do and say to make their organizations effective, we conduct assessments to identify areas of strength and ensure chosen solutions solve the right problem, and measure our results throughout the entire process, ensuring achievement of the targeted outcomes.

You Believe In What You Do

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Organizational Effectiveness

Whether you are launching a new business or expanding an existing business, you must have a clear plan that ensures consumers are well served and employees are highly productive. Our business development services focus on identifying the right goals, the best strategies, and the necessary resources to ensure long-term success.

Business Consultants

Executive & Entrepreneur Coaching

You know that the success of your organization depends on the effectiveness of its leaders. Leadership is a set of behaviors anyone can learn and master, but most of us are not provided specific training and support as we incoporate these skills into our daily work. Our coaching services provide leaders with the individual support they need as they strengthen their skills.

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Performance Management 

The performance of employees can make or break a business. Organizations can ensure employees perform at their highest level and sustain this performance over time. The solution lies in effective performance management systems that align employee work with the goals and vision of the organization, clear and consistent performance feedback, ensure training and resources are provided, and a focus on celebrating great work. 

Behavior Leader University

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We develop leaders, create inclusive environments, and strengthen organizational health to ensure the success and sustainability of people-focused organizations using the science of behavior.

We offer courses in the areas of Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, and Organizational Development.

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OBM Business Hour

OBM Business Hour

In this podcast, the hosts, Amanda Barnett, Kyle Ditzian, and Natalie Parks, discuss how to solve everyday organizational problems using the behavior of science. They cover all things business from issues of training and interview faux pas to safety and inclusion issues. The hosts provide a relaxed, engaging podcast that leaves listeners with excellent information and action items that can be taken today to start solving their problems. 

Inclusion Junkie Podcast

Inclusion Junkie

Inclusion doesn't just make organizations run more smoothly and more profitable, but it actually leads to people living better lives. Places of inclusion are those where the people present are welcomed, highly valued, and energized. From basic definitions to clear and immediate actions, the hosts Natalie Parks, Paul Peebles, and Mason Washington dive into the difficult topics providing listeners with realistic ways they can work to make their organizations more inclusive.