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This course focuses on the concepts of diversity and inclusion. As we work to create a more inclusive society, it is important that we understand the conceptual framework of the common terms used when focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Ethical Leadership


Leading an ethical organization starts with leadership. However, leaders are subject to the same influences of unethical behavior that employees experience. This workshop focuses on how ethics develop and what leaders can do to create organizations that promote ethical behavior at every level.

Manny Rodriguez shares his very personal journey and story focused on ethics. Learn about the slippery slope of ethics and the various issues that arise in most careers and how to navigate the sometimes difficult landscape of relationships and professionals… and more!

Feedback F!@# Ups


Feedback is one of the most cost-effective and most powerful tools a leader has to increase employee performance. However, as amazing of a tool it is, feedback is often misused, resulting in burnout and poorer performance. This workshop covers the many different aspects of feedback one must consider when using feedback to boost performance and the specific steps leaders can take to maximize the use of this tool.

Behavior Leader University’s mission is to provide behavior analysts with continuing education courses that focus on building inclusive organizations and leaders. We provide a number of courses that focus on everyday topics and issues behavior analysts experience. Courses are developed by a diverse group of behavior analysts, with experiences ranging from skill acquisition and behavior reduction to organizational behavior management, diversity, equity, and inclusion, educational settings, and work within the public service sector. It is our goal to provide behavior analysts with the most up-to-date knowledge, focused on how to create individuals and organizations focused on delivering compassionate and culturally responsive care to all those who are served.

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