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Organizational Effectiveness Assessment

Organizational Effectiveness Assessment

The Organizational Effectiveness Assessment (OEA) is a self-report online assessment that evaluates the overall functioning of your business. It examines 16 different key areas that are grouped into four broad areas of organizational structure: Leadership, Organizational Process, Quality Control, and Employee Experience.

Personal Leadership: 6 Steps to More Effective Leadership

Download this 25-page ebook today, to start your journey to more effective leadership.

Leadership In Behavior Analysis

Leadership is not based on the position one has or the authority they have vested by an organization. Leadership is a set of behaviors that anyone can learn, master, and generalize to any organization, position, and situation. Written for behavior analysis by behavior analysts Leadership In Behavior Analysis (LIBA) focuses on the unique set of skills one must master to transform into a behavior analysis leader.

FEEDBACK F!@# UPS and how to avoid them

In today’s highly productive world, each and every moment of our lives is critical to the next. Whether or not we use each moment wisely will have an impact on the rest of the days to come. Everything we have done impacts everything we are currently doing and will do moving forward. That’s why the feedback we give and receive for all these crucial performances throughout our lives makes such a big difference. Feedback F!@# Ups and How to Avoid Them provides readers with a formula for feedback using a behavior science approach to explaining what performance feedback is, why it’s important, and how to deliver it. Written by board-certified behavior analysts and written specifically for managers and leaders in the 21st century, this book dives into the science behind useful interactions and conversations between supervisors and their employees and maps out a formula for evolving simple feedback interactions into a culture of positive dialogue across industries and generations.