Diverse Organizations Perform Better

While more than half of Generation Z will consist of previous ethnic minorities, most organizations remain largely homogeneous.

Diversity matters. Organizations that are more diverse perform better, have higher profits, and lower turnover than those that are not. The growing need for organizations to embrace diversity is ever growing, as the population in the United States and around the world becomes more and more diverse. By 2024, groups currently seen as “minority” will reach majority status and by 2065 the United States will not have any single ethnic or racial majorities. As the population changes, organizations must become more diverse or they will fall behind.

However, while billions of dollars have been spent on diversity initiatives, most fail, with some actually causing more harm than good. The reason?

Diversity without Inclusion is Harmful.

While diversity is necessary for an organization to thrive, it is not enough. In fact, the number one mistake homogenous organizations make is by focusing only on recruiting and hiring individuals with diverse backgrounds. Simply bringing diverse individuals together does not result in every individual feeling part of the group and being able to perform their best. In fact, those who feel isolated, have experienced discrimination and/or harassment, or feel as though they cannot be their authentic self at work underperform, are more likely to leave, and result in higher costs for the entire organization.

The secret to solving this problem is to build a culture where differences are highly valued, where new individuals add to the culture, and where everyone is working towards the same vision. Behavior Leader works with organizations by examining their current practices through a lens of inclusion. Our Diversity & Inclusion Assessments provide organizational leaders with information regarding the inclusive and equitable practices as portrayed in their policies and procedures, recruiting and hiring practices, leadership behaviors, and daily interactions with one another. We then center our consultation and training services around our five core behaviors of inclusion, providing leaders and employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to create a culture where differences are additions and individuals are not expected to “fit in” or “blend” with what currently exists.

Our unique methodology takes each client through the specific steps proven to advance behavior and cultural change. We incorporate this with our comprehensive approach, ensuring every level of the organization is targeted for change. Our unique blend of behavior science experts, psychologists, and leaders across various industries provide our clients with the most effective technology, proven to result in real, lasting change. 

Core Diversity Services 

Our core diversity services focus on providing organizations with the strategies necessary to increase diversity within the workforce. While each initiative is measured by outcomes focused on diversity, inclusion is at the heart of all organizational change and services provided. 

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All of our training uses an evidence-based model to ensure what’s learned in training is translated into daily practice. We incorporate a combination of didactics, modeling, and practice with feedback to ensure participants receive an interactive experience that enhances their skills as they return to the tasks of their regular position.

We provide training in a variety of topics focused on increasing diversity in the workplace including:

  • Building and Sustaining Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces
  • Effective Communication
  • Behavioral Interviewing
  • Anti-Harassment and Anti-Bullying
  • Professionalism in the Workplace
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Policies and Procedures

At the heart of all operations are the policies and procedures of an organization. Understanding both the language and application of policies and procedures can either create an environment that is more welcoming and inclusive of diverse individuals or one that is rejecting and isolating.

Three main actions are the focus of our services: development, implementation, and documentation. We work with organizational leaders to first ensure all policies and procedures are developed for each and every current and future employee. We then examine their implementation, assessing for equity in access, resources, and use. Finally, we ensure policies and procedures are documented using inclusive language, being sure all documentation throughout the organization includes each and every member.

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Recruitment and Hiring

Many organizations are largely focused on recruiting and hiring a more diverse workforce. Behavior Leader partners with leaders to first ensure their organization is ready to hire individuals from diverse backgrounds. We assess the current culture and make recommendations that will lead to long-term positive outcomes. 

Once organizations are ready to diversify their workforce, we examine recruitment and hiring practices and provide solutions that will attract applicants, and ensure all biases are removed from hiring practices. Our consultation services cover all aspects of recruitment and hiring including job descriptions, screening procedures, marketing materials, interviews, and the decision-making process. 

Behavior Leader University

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We develop leaders, create inclusive environments, and strengthen organizational health to ensure the success and sustainability of people-focused organizations using the science of behavior.

We offer courses in the areas of Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, and Organizational Development.