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Organizational success begins with leadership development
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At the foundation of every successful organization are the leaders. Leaders determine the goals, strategy, and climate of the business. In this fast paced world, traditional planning models and implementation systems are outdated and do not achieve the results necessary to remain competitive. 

Behavior Leader knows the secret to success of all organizations – human behavior: the behaviors of the leaders and the behaivors of those they lead. Our experience over the past 20+ years has proven what research tells us; when you have everyone doing the right things at the right times, companies thrive. The difficulty is knowing how to ensure this happens. 

Behavior Leader uses the science of behavior to empower leaders to build top performing teams and competitive organizations. We identify the most important things leaders can say and do to achieve long-term success and leave a lasting legacy. 

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Leadership is a set of skills that anyone can learn and do.

Leaders must master a complex set of skills necessary to run a successful, competitive organization. Many leaders are promoted into leadership positions with no or insufficient training to be immediately successful. At Behavior Leader, we not only understand the specific skills of effective leaders, but we also know what makes the difference between trainings that are immediately implemented and those that are soon forgotten. The secret is rooted in science. Training must not only present the necessary information, but also provide leaders the time to practice and receive feedback on their new skills as well as create an environment that will ensure the skills are used time and time again.

Behavior Leader works with organizations to identify the most critical leadership behaviors necessary to accomplish the organizations strategic goals. We then create a customized leader training curriculum that ensures leaders are not just presented with the right material, but provided the opportunity and accountability to use the skills in their daily practices.

Organizational success begins with its leaders. Effective leaders strengthen the company, increase performance and accomplish results. However, even the most successful leaders struggle at times. Today's fast-paced environment and ever-changing technology has outdated strategies of the past, making them ineffective at best.

At Behavior Leader, we understand that key to successful leadership lies within what that leader does and says. Our approach, rooted in science, focuses on exactly what the leader can do and say to increase performance of the entire organization. We work with leaders to identify the most critical actions they can take to be effective and create top performing organizations, leaving a legacy that lasts far beyond their tenure.

Executive coaching services work with leaders one-on-one to provide them with the strategies, support, and ongoing accountability and feedback to reach their goals.

New leaders and middle managers are tasked with the unique position of both being a leader and a follower. Most new leaders are also moving from positions of having peers to now leading those same peers. They struggle with finding the balance between professional and personal relationships, providing feedback, holding team members accountable, and remaining aligned with the company's overall vision, mission, and strategic goals. At Behavior Leader, we know that all of these skills can be mastered with the right training, support, and accountability. We use the science of behavior to identify the most effective ways to train new leaders and ensure all middle managers have the skills necessary to both lead and follow.

Behavior Leader works with organizations to identify the most critical skills necessary for new and middle leaders to thrive and provides a customized training plan that can be implemented either by our Behavior Leader expert trainers or through a train-the-trainer model.


Organizational effectiveness is a measure of the rate and efficiency of goal accomplishment. High performing organizations are those meeting goals at or before strategic deadlines while using the fewest resources necessary to provide high quality products and services. At Behavior Leader, we know that all organizational success begins with the people in those organizations. We focus on human behavior - what people do and say - and use it to create organizations ready to outperform their competition.

We begin all organizational effectiveness services with our Organizational Effectiveness Assessment. This self-report, online tool provides business leaders with insight into how well their organization is functioning and what areas are in need of attention. We then provide a more in-depth analysis that examines the entire organization from strategy to process to individual performance. From there, we develop a customized plan that organizations can implement to achieve their goals.

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Organizational Effectiveness is the measure of the rate and efficiency of an organization as it reaches its strategic goals. The Organizational Effectiveness Assessment (OEA) evaluates 16 key areas of business to provide business leaders with both an overall and detailed picture of how their business is performing.

Organizational Effectiveness consists of four business operations: Leadership, Organizational Processes, Quality Control, and Employee Experience. Understanding both how the organization is performing in each of these operations as well as how each interacts with the other is key to ensuring long-term success of the organization.

The OEA is an on-line self-report assessment business leaders can take to determine the strengths and areas of opportunity for their organization. Results provide leaders with three sets of scores: Organizational Effectiveness, Operation, and Area Scores. The Organizational Effectiveness Score shows an overall picture of how well the business is accomplishing its strategic goals. The Operations Scores provide leaders with insight into the four operations of business, directing them where to begin their efforts. The Area Scores, provided in the Extended Results, provide insight into each area of business as well as the specific behaviors and outcomes that are on target versus in need of improvement.

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The performance of those within the business are critical to the organization's success. Leaders consistently face the challenge of ensuring their staff are performing as efficiently as possible at all times. Successful performance requires the combination of the right training, resources, ongoing support, and accountability. At Behavior Leader, we know what it takes for an employee to become a top performer and what organizations can do to increase the performance of staff throughout the entire organization.

Behavior Leader uses the science of behavior and the research focused on Organizational Behavior Management and Performance Management to identify the critical components of a successful performance improvement plan. We blend our expertise along with our experience in running successful organizations to collaborate with leaders while we create a comprehensive strategy focused on performance. We examine all factors that can affect performance and provide specific recommendations and the tools leaders need to accelerate their employees performance.

Safety is one of the most important aspects of any organization. It is essential that everyone follow the safety standards at all times to ensure that the work is done and everyone returns home safely at the end of each day. Leaders understand the importance of safety and are tasked with the difficult work of ensuring all team members follow the safety standards and procedures while not being able to directly oversee them at all times. There are times that leaders struggle to ensure all staff follow the organization's safety standards. They cannot be everywhere all the time to monitor practices, finding that sometimes, employees will take short cuts or become careless, leading to unsafe behavior that could have devastating outcomes.

At Behavior Leader, we know that the key to ensuring safety is by examining the behavior of those doing the work. We work with business leaders to identify key safety behaviors and the procedures, policies, training, and ongoing oversight necessary to ensure all are exhibited at all times. We develop customized plans, based on science, that focus on the on the most critical components of safety and how to ensure standards are followed at all times.

One of the most important departments within a company is the sales team, for without sales, there is no business. At Behavior Leader, we know the key to making sales is the behavior of the individual making the sale. Those who know the right words and actions and when to use them are most effective at closing the sale.

Behavior Leader uses the science of behavior to understand consumer and sales representative behavior and how they interact to increase or decrease the chances a sale is made. We work with teams to identify the key strategies that will end in more sales and how to implement those strategies across the entire team. We assist the team in identifying what words, phrases, and actions are more likely to motivate the consumer to purchase as well as what happens when things go wrong. Our customized plans are tailored for the exact business and products or services offered and focused on creating teams that close more sales.